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Development Team

For athletes interested in maintaining a competitive level of fitness and developing both sweep and sculling skills for competition.

Development Team
Sculling & Sweep

Development Team Sculling & Sweep is for adult athletes interested in advancing their fitness and technical proficiency, developing both sweep and sculling skills for competition and eventual advancement to the Competitive Team. Athletes must be willing and available to engage regularly in the provided training program to meet these goals. Fitness, technical skills, attendance, effort and work ethic, and competitive goals will be considered by the coaches when boating for practice and competition. Workouts are planned around improving overall fitness, technical skills, and racing knowledge with the option to compete in select regional regattas. Athletes should have completed at least 1 full year in Open Sculling & Sweep. This team is also perfect for athletes who have competed at the high school or collegiate level and are returning to the sport after some time away. 



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 6:00-7:30 AM

Fee: Rowers participating in Development Team Sculling & Sweep must purchase an Annual Membership of $275, plus pay the program fee of $880 per year (this can be paid in full or billed in 8 automatic recurring payments)*.

*These fees are non-refundable and do not include incidental costs for individuals who choose to race, such as uniform and regatta participation fees. 


- George Pocock

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