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Boathouse Reopening Operations & COVID-19 Response

Due to COVID-19, the boathouse is operating under modified procedures to protect the health and safety of rowers, coaches, and facility staff. 

Baltimore Community Rowing has developed a four-phase plan, informed by the USRowing COVID-19 recommendations and state, city, and local guidelines, to gradually return to rowing in 2020 and beyond.  Click here to view BCR's full plan for resumed rowing operations.

Currently, BCR is in phase 1 of the plan.  Baltimore City Recreation & Parks (BCRP)  has opened the boathouse for outdoor rowing under specific restrictions and guidelines as noted below.


  • Adult rowers with private 1x 
  • Bow-certified rowers (18+ years or older) in BCR-owned 1x


Registration of launch times - Rowers must register for a specific time to launch each day that they would like to row for the entire upcoming week.  Launch times are available at 10-minute intervals.  One rower per time slot. Rowers who share the same household may sign up to launch in the same time slot; both names must appear on the registration sheet. If a rower is not able to row during their assigned launch time, the rower's name must be removed from the registration sheet. If using a BCR-owned 1x, please mark down which boat is being used beside the rower name.

Baltimore City Rec & Parks Health Questionnaire - All rowers must complete the online BCRP Health Questionnaire before EVERY rowing session. As stated in the questionnaire, rowers must stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to someone who is COVID-19-positive, or have been tested and are awaiting results. 

Masks - Masks must be worn at all times in the boathouse, on the dock, and while transporting equipment between the boathouse or boat pen and docks.

Social distancing
- Social distancing practices must be adhered to at all times in all locations in and around the boathouse. Only one rower is allowed in each boathouse bay at any time. Rowers should refrain from gathering in and around the boathouse.  Enter the boathouse only as long as needed to gather or return equipment before exiting. 

Hand sanitizing
- Rowers should sanitize their hands as often as possible.  Hand sanitizer will be provided in the boathouse; however,  we encourage rowers to bring their own as back up. Rowers should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible after exiting the boathouse.

Equipment cleaning
- Rowers must thoroughly clean all equipment they come in contact with during each rowing session including boats, oars, and slings. Diluted bleach solution is provided for cleaning.

Equipment repairs - If using BCR-owned shell or oars, rowers should note boat damage or needed repairs to

No second floor access - Per BCRP, no members are permitted on the second floor of the facility for any reason. The bathrooms and locker rooms are locked and will not be available for rowers' use.

Personal items - All personal items must be taken from the boathouse after each rowing session.  No items should be stored in the boathouse.

Registration - All rowers must have paid their 2020 Annual Membership fee. Bow-certified rowers using club equipment must have paid the Equipment Usage fee or be paying Program Fees. 

Inclement weather - It is the responsibility of each rower to check the weather forecast and determine in what conditions they are comfortable rowing. Rowers should not launch when there is lightning or thunder (must wait at least 30 minutes after the last visible lightning/audible thunder to launch), fog, high winds, wind/water conditions that are above your comfort level, or when there is a small craft advisory.  

Failure to follow these requirements may result in the loss of rowing privileges. 



Any member experiencing COVID-19 symptoms within 7 days of entering the boathouse are asked to stay home and report their symptoms to  Please help protect the health and safety of your teammates and fellow rowers by being vigilant and reporting symptoms promptly.

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