Open Sweep and Sculling

Open rowing for sweep rowing and sculling will be offered for 2 hours 5 days a week.  This program is suitable for rowers with experience beyond an introductory rowing course, such as BRC’s Intro to Rowing and Intermediate Rowing programs. The main focus of this program is to improve technique and fitness for recreational or competitive rowing.  Participation in regattas is not required, but for those interested in competition, please inform the coaches of your intent early in the season in order to facilitate boatings and training towards that goal.

Coaches may designate certain days for specific types of workouts and may prescribe additional training to assist those that may need further development.  Coaches will also strive to do boatings based on skills, fitness, and interest.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8 pm and Saturdays at 8am. Some classes may be rescheduled due to conflicts with regattas and other events. 

BRC takes safety very seriously. Rowers will not be permitted to row unsupervised until they have demonstrated competency in a formal certification process administered by BRC.

Prerequisites: All Open Rowing sessions are open to members who have completed an Intro/Intermediate rowing program at BRC or similar rowing programs at other clubs or institutions

Fee: $655 one-time non-refundable annual payment OR a monthly fee of $100. This does not include the annual membership fee of $150. Register here