Open Rowing

When: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM, Saturday morning 8:00 AM- 10:00 AM.

What: Open rowing is a program for rowers with experience beyond an introductory rowing course, such as BCR's Novice class. Goals of the group include increasing fitness, improving technique, and casual racing. The program accommodates a wide range of fitness levels, from those athletes who enjoy a more casual row to those who enjoy training for fitness and competition. Participation in regattas is not required, but opportunities are available for those athletes interested in competition. Coaches may designate certain days for specific types of workouts and may prescribe additional training to assist those who may need further development. Skills, fitness, and personal goals will be considered by the coaches when boating for practices and assembling boats for races.  


  • Rowers must complete a Learn-to-Row course at BCR or have at least one year rowing experience with another club or program (a coach's recommendation is required if less than one year of experience) before registering for the Open Program. 
  • Regular participation in scheduled practices is strongly encouraged. While work and family obligations sometimes take priority, every effort should be made to maximize participation. 

Fee: Open Rowers must purchase an Annual Membership ($200). Program fees are $700 one-time non-refundable annual payment or $125 paid monthly from April - November. These fees do no include incidental costs for individuals who choose to race, such as uniform and regatta participation fees. 

Register: Registration is available at Regatta Central.

Questions: Email