No prior rowing experience is required, but as a safety consideration, you must be able to lift, hold, and carry a 20lb weight and be able to perform knee bends which will be required to safely carry and place the boat in the water. Rowers must also be aware of their own swimming ability and feel comfortable treading in water over their heads should the need arise.   Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Novice Rowing

This year we are offering three novice learn to row programs for those new to rowing.  
Novice Sweep programs: In sweep rowing, you will row with a single oar with 7 other people as you learn to handle an eight-person shell. 

June 19-July 29, M/W 6-8 pm, Saturday 8-10 am
July 8th - 29th (Weekend Program) Saturday and Sunday from 8 am - 12 noon
Novice sculling programs: Scullers row with two oars in a one-, two-or four-person shell. 
May 20-June 25, Saturday/Sunday, 10a-12pm
If you are interested in a specific program, please send an email to specifying that program and we can put you in touch with a coach or member from that program to answer any additional questions."