Morning Competitive


For those who want to row in the morning and are interested in developing both sweep and sculling skills for competition or a higher level of fitness and are willing and available to engage in a training program to meet those goals.  Coaches may prescribe additional training to assist those that may need further development and boatings will be done based on skills, fitness and interests. The class meets for 1.5 hours four days a week.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30am and Saturdays at 6am.  Additional rows may be scheduled.

Prerequisites: Demonstrated skills in both sweep and sculling, appropriate physical fitness, or approval of the coaches.

Regular participation in scheduled practices, on land or water, is strongly encouraged and expected.  We do understand that work and family obligations take priority, but every effort should be made to maximize participation.  Fitness, technical skills, attendance, effort and work ethic, land and on water performance are factors coaches will be consider when boating for practice and competition.

Although participation in regattas is not required, land and on water workouts and practices are geared toward competing at USRowing’s Club and Masters National Championships, the Head of the Charles as well as other sprint and fall races.

Fee: $655 one-time non-refundable annual payment, or a monthly fee of $100. This does not include membership fees which are $150 per year. Register at Regatta Central