Rowing Programs: Coxswain

Coxswains are integral members of any sweep boat. Responsible for much more than yelling "row," coxswains are the ultimate multi-taskers: they run drills; steer the boat; provide feedback, advice, and encouragement to their rowers; and are responsible for the safety of their rowers and the equipment.  It's a great way to develop leadership skills!

Experienced and inexperienced coxes are welcome! On-the-job training is available.


The Coxswain Program has a number of goals:

  • Develop a more cohesive cox group
  • More training for coxes
  • Recruit more coxes
  • Have a lot of fun!!!


FREE for all full-time Competitive & Open Program coxswains after annual coxswain membership!

For Juniors, please contact: Judd Anderson

For Adult Rowing, please contact Lee Roman

We ask all our members to sign up for our general members email list. This list is a source for the latest news on social activities, community projects, and volunteer requests for events. 


BCR Cox Manual 2014

The Short and Snarky Guide to Coxing & Rowing: Straight Talk on Coxing and Rowing from Real Coxswains

BCR safety manual

BCR traffic patterns

The 9th Seat - website of Olympic gold medalist cox Mary Whipple.  Includes many tips and tricks for coxswains of all skill levels.